Monday, May 10, 2010

How well are you represented?

Did you know that if we followed that hugely ignored piece of dried parchment sometimes known as the United States Constitution that you would be better represented in the House of Representatives. Populations tend to gather together mostly I suppose it is to more easily conduct business in a "central" location. When populations become very dense you have greater percentages of all walks of life except maybe one, that being landowners. It seems that when there is a very dense population that there are fewer landowners (on a percentage basis) than in less sparsely populated areas.

So you have an increase in the people who are renting, lower income, welfare cases, homeless, retired/fixed income folks as well as the run of the mill, middle income families. So when these people go to vote, they tend to vote for Santa Claus. That is to say, they vote for who is giving away the most presents someone else is paying for. So many of the major cities in the United States elect liberal representatives who then take over congress and pass more entitlement and welfare programs that we don't have the money to back up.

If we followed the Constitution there would be a representative for every 30,000 citizens of the United States. (Article 1 Section 2) It has been capped at 435 congressmen but it should be close to 10,000 representatives. This gets me back to my earlier point, that those who are being saddled with all of the debt to pay for Christmas are not being represented and you can say the vast majority of these folks own real property. So if you have been feeling like you don't have a voice in the House of Representatives, you're right, you probably don't.

Wyoming has 1 congresswoman who represents the entire state at large and we should have about 16. Is it any wonder that most of the country is upset right now, they truly are suffering from taxation without representation. Only 4% of the United States is being represented in the House of Representatives.

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  1. I never knew that about the representatives. I've learned something new today. Thanks.