Friday, December 11, 2009

Rand Paul 2010

There is a man by the name of Dr. Rand Paul who is running for the vacant Senate seat in Kentucky to be left open by Jim Bunning. He is the son of Dr. Ron Paul and has mounted one of the most serious campaigns against an establishment candidate in the country. Currently he leads in the polls against Trey Grayson by a slim margin but has gained significant support since the start of the campaign. Grayson has gained massive financial support from various special interest groups but up to the present has been unable the match the funds raised by Rand Paul by the everyday Americans across the country hoping to get a true Constitutional conservative in office somewhere. If you have not yet heard of Rand Paul, please research him and find out his stances on various topics to determine for yourself if he is the type of candidate you can support. Then, if you do, please donate to his campaign. Then in a month or two, donate again.

For everyone one of us who wants to reclaim the republic, there is another who would give it away to the state. We have to be willing to fight against them as hard as they have been trying to take away our liberties.

Below is a video for a "moneybomb" Rand's campaign is holding on December 16th and they will encourage you to donate on that day. I would say it doesn't matter when you donate as long as you do. Even $5 is helping.

Think of donating this way: you can donate now and hope to reclaim your liberties through an honest candidate such as Rand or you can expect that the state will collect your money from you anyway through taxes and other wasteful spending programs.

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