Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Why this blog?

I have been concerned for some time about the direction our country is heading and how little is being done to try and stop it much less reverse it. It actually seems as though we have thrown it in to a higher gear and are going faster than ever away from the US Constitution.

I do not support any single political party wholesale. I think that you have to measure things in terms of the Constitution and if you look at the whole mess through those glasses, both parties have done tremendous damage to our liberties and freedoms.

I will say upfront that I am an avid supporter of Ron Paul. In all the books of his I have read and all the research I have done on him, not to mention all of the ongoing media appearances he makes, I have never heard him say or do anything that is not authorized by the Constitution. Because of that I believe he is our greatest hope in restoring the Republic.

This blog is an effort to provide a rallying point for those who are also concerned but may not have any idea of where to start. Anytime anyone asks me the first step they should take I echo the ideas of Lew Rockwell, Thomas Woods and Ron Paul that we need to start by becoming more educated. That is not to say that you can't do more action oriented things in the meantime, but how can we possibly expect to fix the problem if we don't understand it or how to fix it. Education is ongoing, just like the issues. We should never stop learning and staying up to speed on all the issues. It is our duty to do so.

Beyond that I believe if you want to complain about the government you have a duty to do something about it. Doing something includes finding and supporting candidates that are champions of the Constitution either by donating to their campaigns or going to work for them. You could run for office yourself. But most of all I think talking about it with everyone you can have a reasonable conversation with is incredibly important.

I hope that over time this will become a stopping point on the way to more important sites like Mises.org for example. It is my dream that we all embrace free market economics and Constitutional principles again. For the sake of my children I hope we can take back America.

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